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Pendock Software Bundles

What you need to streamline your accounting practice!

Choose the Pendock Software Bundle that’s right for your accounting office. Each bundle contains two of our leading software products you can use. Choose from Standard, Value and Premium Bundles (see below). Our monthly subscription plan means there’s no big initial outlay for software to equip your office, your monthly fee covers it all. Pendock upgrades will be available to you as they are launched. There’s no risk—you can cancel at any time with no penalty.

Pendock Standard Bundle – Includes: AFP Light and PFP Standard   $65/mo.

Pendock Value Bundle – Includes: AFP Express and PFP Corporate  $75/mo.

Pendock Premium Bundle – Includes: AFP Premium and PFP Modula  $85/mo.

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Don’t need a bundle?
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We can customize a plan for individual Pendock Software Products purchased on a renewable yearly basis.
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