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Fully featured, Excel-based software to save you hours of training time!

Pendock Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy is used to record credit card charges, bank statement charges, and petty cash expenses.

Q&E is so easy to learn and use, you’ll be up and running within minutes:

Working on your own transactions: Download your credit card or bank statement to Excel. Copy the resulting Excel file to Q&E, assign account numbers where applicable, then select “Create Journal Entry in Accounting For Practitioners (AFP)”. Q&E will prompt you for the applicable AFP file, and you’re done!

Accountants working on client transactions:

Have your client send you their credit card details or bank statement in Excel format. Generally, this should be shown under “Download Transactions” on their banking website. Follow the same procedure as indicated above.

For petty cash expenses, select Data Entry from the Q&E menu. When finished, select “Create Journal Entry in AFP” to complete the exercise.

It’s that “Quick & Easy”.

Pendock Quick & Easy is available for a monthly subscription fee as bundled software with a range of other Pendock software products you can use. Start your subscription now. You may cancel at any time. For pricing, click here.

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