The Pendock Mallorn Story

In the late 1980s, our first project at Pendock Mallorn was to develop a cash flow forecasting model for a mid-size air-conditioning contractor and a small distributor of ductless air-conditioning systems. The work put into both projects was far greater than our fixed-fee quote, but we came to realize that nothing like our model was available on the market at that time.

We approached a local University, through their MBA consulting group, to conduct a market study to determine if there was a need for this software and the results were a resounding “yes”. We then spent several months adapting the model so that it could be used by any company.

It was in June 1989 that the first version of Pro-Forma Plus (PFP) was released. Within three months, two major, national magazines had reviewed it. One reported they had never received more inquiries about a review than they’d had for PFP. The Financial Post newspaper carried a great article that September and afterward the telephone rang continuously for three days!

In the mid-1990s, we saw a need to create a simple-to-use trial balance and working paper model. There were only a couple of products on the market at that time and we had a feeling that sole practitioners and smaller partnerships needed something easier to use. The initial release was a little too simple for most practitioners so it wasn’t off to a great start. However, we persevered until it had all the features public practitioners need and Accounting for Practitioners (AFP) is still the easiest trial balance and working paper software to use. And now, our latest Version 6.0 is better than ever!

About our original software developer: Chip Pearson:

Preparing software with the capabilities of our products is a daunting task. At Pendock Mallorn, that task has been made considerably easier due to the talents of the late Charles “Chip” Pearson of Kansas City, MO.

Chip was one of the world’s leading VBA programmers having earned, and retained, the MVP distinction from Microsoft since 1999. “Most Valuable Professional” is a designation Microsoft reserves for programmers who have demonstrated their willingness to share information on a peer-to-peer basis. Chip contributed to many online communities over the course of his career, helping people solve their problems and increase their performance in Excel. There are less than 40 Excel MVP’s in the world.

Chip was responsible for most of the programming in all of our products, and also provided substantial design and wayfinding input. When you’re using any Pendock program, you’ll see his “signature” of a clean and simple layout. Rest assured it sits on top of brilliant code.

Cleve PendockPresident
Pendock Mallorn Ltd.

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