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Pendock Mallorn Professional Accountant Software Since 1987.
Fully-featured yet easier to install, learn and use.

The perfect choice for the smaller accounting office because it’s professional accountant software that does it all!
Recommended as the only viable alternative to CaseWare.

Available for USA or Canada — please choose:

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Streamline your office with Pendock Professional Accountant Software:

Minimal learning curve. Get to work right away!

Easy to learn, easy to usel. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, you already know how to use our software products!

Powerful and fully-featured for maximum productivity!

Pendock professional accountant software does all the things that accountants need it to do — no add-ons, no workarounds. 

Ideal for Sole Practitioners and Smaller Partnerships!

Pendock software can handle everything you throw at it — make your office run smoothly and efficiently with minimum staffing.

Professional Accountant Software - Pendock Accounting for Practitioners


Trial balance, working paper and financial statement software for accounting professionals.

Professional accountant software that’s easy to use from day one! Pendock AFP is all about PRODUCTIVITY! No cumbersome workarounds — with AFP everything is easy! You and your staff need only a basic spreadsheet knowledge to get AFP up and running — so staff training costs are negligible. You can put the program to use immediately, there are no templates to build or purchase, and no formulas or links to create.
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“AFP is the most amazing software I have ever used. It exports the GIFI to my Tax prep software in one button! Customer service is without a doubt impeccable! Highly recommend this professional product.”

Terri Huggins, Senior Accountant /President, Business Management Services

“I have been using Accounting for Practitioners for sometime now and I cannot think of a better program for accountants for their working paper files and the schedules and reports it produces and the ease of transferring the data to my tax program.”

Rose Griffiths,CPA , RG Accounting

“AFP is the backbone of our practice. It is easy to learn, flexible and all encompassing. The support is an added plus. We have been using it since 1993 and couldn’t work without it.”

Rodney N. Goetz, FCGA

“AFP is fantastic! It works directly with my working papers into the tax return. Seamlessly and flawlessly. And, the customer support is without compare!! Thank you!”

Emily C. Larimer CPA, CGA
Professional Accountant Software - Pendock Proforma-Plus


Easy cash flow forecasting, budgeting and business planning you can take to the bank!

Available in the USA and Canada only, Pro-Forma Plus (PFP) is professional accountant software that produces a multitude of financial statements and supporting schedules including: balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows, as well as schedules for cost of sales and inventory (if the business involves the sale of goods), overheads, banking, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash flow assumptions.
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“I like Pro-Forma Plus because of its ease of use, logical formatting and detailed schedules.”

Rick Gagner, CMA, Rossdown Natural Foods Ltd.

“What we needed was a comprehensive model that would give us an income statement, balance sheet and cash flows for at least five years. The integration of your model – the fact that it brought all the parameters into play, gave us the control to do that, and cascaded that through the model was a real plus. It was easy to learn and more user-friendly than a lot of stuff I’ve used in the past.”

John Kovacs, MBA, Director of Finance and Operations, Culinary Destinations

“I tried building my own, but it was taking forever. Our outside accountants were using the software and that’s why I bought it. I found it powerful, intuitive and very easy to use. It has all the macros in it, everything is in it – I just had to put in the right settings. The documentation was very straightforward – just very easy to use. I’d recommend it for sure. It’s a great tool.”

Grayson Moore, Controller, Jones Feed Mills