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Pendock Mallorn Professional Software for Accountants

What you need to streamline your accounting practice!

Choose the Pendock Software that’s right for your accounting office.

Pendock Accounting For Practitioners — Trial Balance Software

AFP Light -WAS $599 NOW $449. Annual renewal $299.
AFP Express – WAS $799 NOW $599. Annual renewal $349.
AFP Premium – WAS $999 NOW $749. Annual renewal $399.

Pendock Pro-Forma Plus — Cash Flow Forecasting Software

PFP Standard Edition – WAS $599 NOW $449. Annual renewal $249.
PFP Corporate Edition – WAS $799 NOW $599. Annual renewal $249.
PFP Modula Edition – WAS $1,499 NOW $1124. Annual renewal $349.

Orders are downloadable same day as purchased.


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AFP Light WAS $599 NOW $449AFP Express WAS $799 NOW $599AFP Premium WAS $999 NOW $749PFP Standard WAS $599 NOW $449PFP Corporate WAS $799 NOW $599PFP Modula WAS $1499 NOW $1124

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