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Industry Reviews of Pendock Products:

Small Firms can find help with the new AFP

If you’re familiar with Excel, it’s easy to make certain modifications to the AFP worksheet to customize it for each client.

CA Magazine looks at working paper software

It is amazing how many accountants, especially small practitioners, still manually prepare most of their working papers, using a word processor to generate financial statements. Tempting as it is to dismiss the reluctance to embrace technology.

Accounting For Practitioners is Excel-Based

4 1/2 Star Rating —¨Accounting For Practitioners (AFP) from Pendock Mallorn Ltd. (800-567-4500; is an Excel-based system for preparing trial balance and lead sheet information quickly and easily.

Financial Forecasting – It’s All About Teamwork

Every company has planned business activities to some degree – even if the plan is not committed to paper. However, getting it down in black and white formalizes the process and instills a discipline upon the corporation; it forces action and involvement.

CPA Practice Advisor: Accounting For Practitioners Review

Accounting for Practitioners is ideal for smaller firms that are looking for a full-featured easy-to-use tool for their accounting and assurance practice.