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Canadian Automobile Taxable Benefits Software for AccountantsVIA software turns the time-consuming job of calculating and interpreting CRA’s rules for automobile taxable benefits into a simple data-entry exercise. VIA was developed in cooperation with one of Quebec’s largest public accounting firms – Mallette Maheu / Arthur Andersen. This is our 22nd year producing VIA.

User-friendly VIA automatically calculates everything you need for company-owned and leased vehicles:

  • standby and operating benefits;
  • benefits reduction related to employee reimbursements; and
  • the associated employer GST or HST, (and QST) remittance.

VIA also handles the special rules for automobile dealers and financial institutions. And what’s more:

  • VIA generates a personalized letter to each employee — in English or French — showing the details of their taxable benefit, the GST or HST, and if applicable, the QST remitted by the employer;
  • VIA handles ATB calculations for all provinces, including Québec. It is updated annually and contains the latest rules for ATB, GST/HST and PST calculations. It includes context-sensitive help;
  • VIA uses the most optimum method to reduce the operating benefit and automatically produces the necessary authorization form to do so;
  • VIA handles an unlimited number of employees and vehicles; and
  • Since VIA runs inside Excel, if you have your employee data relating to leased vehicles in an Excel workbook, that data can be copied into VIA for automatic calculation and completion of the various reports.

Try Pendock VIA Canadian Taxable Benefits Software and you’ll see why some of Canada’s largest companies are using VIA – year in and year out!

Unlimited toll-free telephone support, as well as upgrades and file repairs are included with each licence. VIA is $199

Click Here To Order Pendock VIA. Orders are downloadable on same day as received. More information? …call us at 1.800.567.4500

More information? …call us at 1.800.567.4500

Canadian Automobile Taxable Benefits Software for Accountants